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Please be aware that we have some outstanding faults on the system. These have been reported and we await a resolution. If you feel the system is not working as you'd expect, please check the Library's System Status page before contacting us.



Renew my loans


Renew online


Watch our YouTube video: Surrey Libraries online catalogue: Renewing your loans and/or follow the instructions below. 


  • Starting on the home page or Bookshelf.
  • You will see navigation options along the top which will stay here whatever screen you are on.
  • Choose the Account icon (top right), and then choose the option to Log in.
  • The next screen will allow you to enter your library borrower number and PIN.
  • Your current loans will appear on the tab called My Shelf.
  • Each of your loans shows how many remaining days are left of your loan under the book jacket.
  • You can either renew your loans one at a time by clicking on the book jacket and selecting the Renew button.
  • Click Proceed.
  • You will get a confirmation message to say that your loan has been renewed successfully.
  • To renew more than one, or all of your loans click the Renew all button.
  • If you want to renew all of your loans, leave the De-select all button ticked.
  • If you want to renew some of your loans, click the De-select all button and then click the tick-box next to the items you want to renew.
  • Click Renew selected and you will get a yellow bar notification next to each item that was renewed and a pop-up confirmation message to say that your selected loans have been renewed successfully.
  • Click Done to go back to the My shelf screen. You'll notice that the number of days remaining has been updated under each of your loans.

If an item cannot be renewed because it has been reserved by another customer or you have reached the renewal limit, you will not see an option to renew on the individual item, and it will appear in a section called Loans Not Available to Renew in the Renew All menu.

If you have any problems renewing your loans please contact us using the form in the Account menu.


Other ways to renew your loans


See our webpage: Renewing library items


Contact the library service

If you feel the system is not working as you'd expect, please check the Library's System Status page for known issues before contacting us.

To contact us online, please use the form in the Account menu. Account Menu in the top right of this page. 


Other ways of contacting us 


Please see our webpage: Contact the library service.


Login to my account


  • You will need your borrower number and PIN
  • Choose account at the top right of the page
  • and select login from the drop down menu
  • Complete the pop up login box
  • Remember to scroll down and select login
  • Once logged in your name should appear in the top right of the screen
  • Select your name and from the drop down menu select account. 


Reset a forgotten PIN


  • Follow the instructions above to login and then select the option within the login box to reset your PIN
  • The PIN reset box will appear and you need to enter your borrower number.


Join the library


Complete the registration form online.

You can also open the form by:

  • Choosing account at the top right of this page
  • and select join. 

Please fill in all the sections marked with an asterisk, including the library at the bottom of the form. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email which you must acknowledge. If time lapses you can request another confirmation email, see details in the confirmation email.   

For more information about joining the library and how to join in person at one of our libraries, please see our page: Join your library.  


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