Library system status

Please check here for any service and system wide technical issues. Local issues will be notified on the individual branch page: Find your nearest library


  • Library catalogue:
    • 'Renew all' pop-up window. Occasionally the pop-up menu will not load more than 13 loans. We recommend that you scroll across the My Loans screen before clicking the 'Renew all' button. Please double check the return dates after you've completed the Renew all process to ensure all books have been renewed.
    • Brave browser: Due to the browser's Advanced Privacy features which by default prevent the essential cookies from being set for the web app and therefore affect its operation. Please turn the Shields feature off in the browser and refresh the page. This will help set the essential cookies up and launch the app. You can then leave the shields off or switch them on. The app developers are working to find a permanent solution.
    • Removing items from migrated wish lists: This is a known fault and has been reported.
    • Viewing linked accounts within your own account: Unfortunately you cannot view your linked accounts on the website at the moment.  We will be looking to add that functionality back into the new system as soon as we can. For the moment you can still set up linked accounts on our app: Surrey libraries app.
    • Reserving eBooks and eAudio books: When searching our main catalogue for eBooks and eAudioBooks, if the item is not available and you choose to place a hold, you will get an error message. There are no faults when the item is available for loan. There are no issues when using the eBook platforms directly. Visit our eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines information page for more details on how to access our eBook collections.
    • Items held at Surrey History Centre not showing when an All Surrey Council Libraries search area is set: This has been reported as a fault. Items can be found if the 'Search Area' is changed to 'All locations'.
  • Library customer accounts: no issues reported
  • Public computers: no issues reported
  • Public Wifi: no issues reported
  • Computer booking system: no issues reported
  • Printing: no issues reported

If you are experiencing issues not mentioned above, please contact the library service